Criminal Defense Investigation: Theory, Practice, and Methods

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Criminal Defense Investigation: Theory, Practice, and Methods provides the essential knowledge that you need to uncover critical evidence during a criminal defense investigation. From using investigative theory to uncovering evidence with advanced analytical concepts, you will learn the skills required to conduct criminal defense investigations from a perspective grounded in sophisticated analytical techniques. This resource is specifically tailored to those who already know how to collect evidence, thereby allowing experienced investigators to improve their established skill sets.

In this book, you will learn the following:

  • Who criminal defense investigators are from moral and ethical perspectives, their mindsets, their professional relationships with defense attorneys, and the qualifications required to become a criminal defense investigator
  • The definition of an investigation
  • The concept of evidence and how it relates to the work of a criminal defense investigator
  • Issues of denial and deception in defendants, witnesses, and law enforcement
  • The theory of criminal defense investigations and how it is applied to practice
  • The process of implementing the criminal defense investigation cycle
  • The concept of all source analysis and how it provides utility to a criminal defense investigation
  • The application of structured analytical techniques in the area of investigative needs, model construction, key assumption checks, information quality checks, chronology analysis, network analysis, hypothesis generation, probable event analysis, and competing hypotheses analysis
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